Smart thinking for a smart energy future

SmartGrid Partners is a solutions integrator established to provide strategic advisory, project management, and venture capability in the rapidly emerging Smart Grid domain.

We have multi-disciplinary expertise in infrastructure with specialised knowledge of the electricity sector. We work with progressive organisations in innovative alliances and joint venture models to align interests and create value for all parties. Our business partners are positioning themselves for a new energy future – one that contemplates:
  • Greater customer interest in energy efficiency and demand management
  • Active customer interaction with electricity
  • Electricity network assets and improved efficiency
  • Widespread adoption of integrated renewable energy, advanced energy storage and electric vehicles
  • New electricity markets and products
  • Enhanced network resilience, automation and self-healing

What we can bring to meet these challenges

SGP believes that it can provide capability to address these challenges. We believe we can bring:

  • New ideas for a new future.
  • Helping customers blend traditional and alternative solutions to save money.
  • Innovative thinking applied to existing and new business models.
  • Project Management capability.
  • A track record of proven performance
  • Powerful business networks.
  • Advanced commercial and financial capability
  • Ability to influence and change the “rules”
  • Solution integration and collaborative frameworks

We aim to form close alliances with like-minded partners looking to create and share value in the emerging smart grid domain. Either as advisers or venture partners we take an alliance approach. We join with our partners in long term relationships to add the benefits of our specialist experience and innovative thinking in models that align interests and enhance value to mutual benefit. Our flexibility and understanding of critical commercial frameworks maximises the potential for success.

Innovative Thinking

Powerful Business Networks

Proven Performance